Mevident’s Teen Wellness Program Adds Lexile Measures

Lexile measures are now part of a teen wellness program!  Mevident, a South San Francisco, California company, now provides Lexile measures as part of Teen Wellness– a solution that allows school counselors to provide resiliency skill education to students who are distracted from academic activities by family problems, peer or relationship problems, behavioral issues and psychological barriers.  The program is built around Mevident’s proprietary online educational materials, comprising 13 chapters of lessons, homework exercises and fictional character stories. The collective chapters, and each of the character stories, have been assigned Lexile measures to help school counselors gauge students’ readiness to read and understand the course materials.

Teen Wellness demonstrates commitment to helping students prepare for the challenges in both their personal and academic lives and we’re happy to be a part! According to Mevident’s CEO, Asako Tsumagari, the addition of Lexile measures now provides counselors with a proven resource to help determine if students will be able to effectively engage in the materials.

We’re thrilled that educators will be able to match Teen Wellness chapters and lessons to student reading levels!

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