Even Mainstream Authors Collaborate to Write

Inkheart (780L) and Dragon Rider (710L) author Cornelia Funke has been stretching her wings with her upcoming book, Reckless.  She wrote the fantasy novel based on a dark fairy tale world first suggested by movie producer Lionel Wigram. For several months they met to discuss characters and places and general ideas.  Funke writes in German, which Wigram does not speak, so each chapter she wrote had to be translated before they could collaborate on revisions.    As Funke says on the Get Reckless website, “So for the first time in my life I travelled into an imagined world with a real companion and – it was the greatest writing adventure I’ve had so far!” 

Collaborative writing has been well-established as an effective technique for improving writing achievement.  According to Writing Next: Effective Strategies to Improve Writing in Middle and High Schools, collaborative writing:

shows a strong impact (Effect Size = 0.75) on improving the quality of students’ writing.  Studies of this approach compared its effectiveness with that of having students compose independently…. collaborative arrangements in which students help each other with one or more aspects of their writing have a strong positive impact on quality. (more…)

MetaMetrics is an educational measurement organization. Our renowned psychometric team develops scientific measures of student achievement that link assessment with targeted instruction to improve learning.