MetaMetrics Partners with Interactive Achievement

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with Interactive Achievement, a software company that ‘provides educators with accurate assessments of student performance on state standards’.  Interactive Achievement is the developer of OnTrac, a web-based system that ‘delivers standard-aligned content, assessments, and instant reports for precise analysis of student achievement.  OnTrac allows teachers to build their own tests choosing from a bank of established test items.  Once students complete the test, teachers have instant access to online reports.

We have leveled the passages in the OnTrac system using the The Lexile Framework for Reading, allowing teachers to select passages across a range of Lexile levels.  Here’s more:

…educators can now custom develop using the Lexile measures of their students and the test items. Lexile measures will help educators select test passages that students should be able to read and understand, leading to more valid information on the growth required for students to achieve a state’s proficiency levels.

This is powerful information to have.  Having access to the Lexile level of reading passages helps inform the choices teachers make as they design benchmark assessments.  Here’s the President of Interactive Achievement, Jacob Gibson:

“Since over half of U.S. students already receive Lexile measures from high-stakes tests, assigning Lexile measures to the OnTRAC passages allows educators to use a common metric to build assessments that can provide the benchmark data they need to help students achieve at the highest levels.”

We’re thrilled with this new partnership and glad that teachers will have easy access to a tool that allows them to customize assessments based on their student’s reading level.

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