Conceptua Fractions Adds Quantile Measures

Conceptua Math CEO Arjan Khalsa said it best: “Fractions are tough to teach and equally difficult for students to learn.” The good news is that his organization has responded by providing educators with a valuable resource to help struggling students. Conceptua Math has added Quantile® measures to its innovative Conceptua™ Fractions program, allowing teachers to accurately match students with instructional activities at their readiness level.

Conceptua Fractions comprises more than 400 practice activities spanning grades 2-7. Each activity has a Quantile measure that describes its difficulty level. Educators can compare this Quantile measure with a student’s Quantile measure to determine if the activity meets his or her learning needs, or if the student needs to review some other prerequisite skills or concepts first. Students are likely to have the most success solving problems within a recommended Quantile range of 50Q above and below their Quantile measure.

Click here for more information on Conceptua Fractions, like how it uses visual models, sequenced activities and verbalized feedback to challenge students based on their own learning styles and to keep them engaged throughout the instructional process. The program also offers integrated assessments that allow educators to diagnose student misconceptions, choose remediations and monitor progress as students advance through the core curriculum. Quantile measures for both the complete Conceptua Fractions curriculum and free tools are available too.

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