Using Social Media in Math Education

Tip of the hat goes to Scholastic’s Math Hub for pointing to Sokikom – a new math website that manages to employ social media to keep students engaged in math activities year round.  Math websites are nothing new, but Sokikom has introduced a unique element by creating a massive multi-player social learning game directed toward elementary school students.  Here’s Math Hub’s own description of the site:

The research-based program is based on Social Learning Theory, the idea that people learn by observing others’ behavior and using these observations to model their own behavior. Sokikom has created a safe, fun environment where students can join teams, compete with each other, and develop their math skills.

The game is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and NCTM Focal Points and follows the guided discovery learning model, which allows students to explore different solutions to each problem. The program also features Challenges, individual learning activities in a self-paced environment. In addition to games, there are also animated lessons with adaptive instruction for students who need additional help.

Sites that utilize social media are proliferating at a rapid pace and we are just now beginning to see the educational potential of such exciting applications.  It’s good to see that so many are interested in extending instructional time beyond the classroom.

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