Book Trailers: Coming Attractions For Young Readers

Getting kids excited about books is marketing that goes far beyond best-seller lists and encouraging students’ love of reading.  A recent Institute for Education Studies (IES) practice guide, Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices, identifies motivation as one of the key features of improving reading comprehension.

To promote students’ motivation to engage in literacy activities, teachers should use instructional strategies that spark students’ interest. Initial curiosity (or “situational interest”) can then serve as a hook to create long-term, personal interest (or “generative interest”).

Going beyond free posters and book signings, publishers’ use of multi-media book trailers have given teachers another tool to use.  In addition to having students watch professionally created trailers, teachers have students create their own trailers to respond to their reading and to encourage others to read the book as well.  Over at, FictionNotes, Darcy Pattison offers “43 Book Trailer Sites to Inspire, Instruct, and Share,” including sites with tips for students creating their own trailer.

Book Trailers have become so ubiquitous that School Library Journal will be giving readers an opportunity to vote for trailers that “promote books and encourage reading.”  The first annual Trailie Awards will be given for professional and student created trailers, in both elementary and secondary grades. For more information or to suggest a video to the nominating committee before September 17, click here.

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