Our Writers

Malbert Smith III, Ph.D. is the President and co-founder of MetaMetrics, Inc.  Dating back to its founding in 1984, MetaMetrics has focused on developing new ways of matching students with targeted material in order to foster better educational practices and improve learning.  Dr. Smith received his Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his undergraduate degree in psychology from Duke University. He has published and presented numerous papers in the field of educational assessment and measurement, and has taught graduate seminars at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He is also a member of, and presents to, various state and national educational research and measurement associations.  Today, Dr. Smith leads MetaMetrics as Lexile measures become the global standard for matching readers with text, and Quantile measures gain momentum in measuring student performance in mathematics.

Tim Klasson is the Chief Operating Officer for MetaMetrics in Durham, N.C. where he is responsible for the operational and financial aspects of the organization.  He is directly involved in human resources, software engineering, resource measurement and finance.  Most recently, Tim has taken a larger role in expanding the Lexile Framework for Reading to English language learners outside of the United States as part of the organization’s global strategy.

Jason Turner is the Professional Development Director with MetaMetrics in Durham, N.C., where he has played a variety of roles.  Jason has managed implementation and professional development for the Lexile and Quantile Frameworks.  Additionally, Jason has overseen various state and district outreach efforts and developed content and training modules for both web products: MyReadingWeb and MyWritingWeb.  Jason has worked extensively in the training and implementation of the Lexile and Quantile Frameworks in schools and districts across North America.


Lauren Whitehead has been employed with MetaMetrics, Inc since 2003 and currently manages the Resource Measurement Department. Her love of the written word and affinity for organization has led her to currently pursue a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.


Christa R. Reinersman works in the Marketing department at MetaMetrics. With over seven years experience in Sales and Marketing, she directs and coordinates marketing strategies, activities, promotions and public relations  to support MetaMetrics’ products and services working toward the goal of improving teaching and learning from elementary through postsecondary education by enabling educators, librarians and parents to use students’ scores from classroom and state assessments to link assessment with instruction.


Eric Zurowski is MetaMetrics’ Marketing Manager. Since joining the organization in 2005, he has launched various targeted outreach programs—for the organization and with its clients and partners—to raise awareness and use of the Lexile and Quantile Frameworks. With over 13 years of experience in marketing communications and brand management, Eric has spent much of his career as a member of and managing in-house marketing departments—from global high-tech corporations to small nonprofit organizations.


Kim Bowen, PhD, is a Research Associate working with the Lexile Frameworks for Reading and Writing.  In addition to 10 years teaching high school English, she has worked at the state and local levels as an Educational Consultant and Literacy Coach.


Ruth Price is a Quantile Curriculum Specialist.   Before coming to MetaMetrics in 2003, she was a high school mathematics teacher in North Carolina. Both she and her husband are lifelong educators. They have three children and four beautiful granddaughters.


MetaMetrics is an educational measurement organization. Our renowned psychometric team develops scientific measures of student achievement that link assessment with targeted instruction to improve learning.