Summer Math Challenge Kicks Off on June 19th!

On average, all students, regardless of socio-economic status, lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in their mathematical repertoire over the summer months each year. This means students can enter a new school year in August or September having lost about a third of the ground they covered the year before. Fight the summer slide, and keep math skills sharp with the Quantile Summer Math Challenge, a FREE math skills maintenance program based on grade-level standards that help prepare students for college and careers.

For the past several years, MetaMetrics has tried to help stave off the erosion in learning that can occur during the summer months with the Summer Math Challenge. Last year, almost 20 State Department of Educations and over 26,000 students across all 50 states signed up to take the challenge. This year, we have expanded our successful program to include those students who have just finished 8th grade. Now, the program is targeted to students who have just completed grades 1 through 8 and is designed to help kids retain math skills learned during their previous school year.

The Summer Math Challenge lasts for six weeks. The challenge focuses on one math concept per week, so as to help the student remain sharp but not feel overburdened during the summer. From June 19th through July 28th parents will receive daily emails with fun activities and links to educational resources. Activities will be grounded in everyday life and be engaging for both parents and children. This program also helps parents to understand that they do not need to be math experts to talk about math with their kids! When the program ends parents can print an award certificate to celebrate their child’s summer math accomplishment! To learn more, visit

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