Unveiling the New UK Lexile Map!


We are pleased to announce that the Lexile® Map has been customized for our UK audience. The new UK version of the Lexile Map is now available to download at http://cdn.lexile.com/cms_page_media/135/UK_Lexile_Map.pdf. Mindful of the growing requests for a printable classroom resource from UK educators, MetaMetrics®, developer of the widely adopted Lexile® Framework for Reading, decided to update the popular American Lexile Map.

MetaMetrics constructed the UK Lexile map with specific intentions. These focus points include 1) the ability to easily print by adjusting the map’s layout to A3 format; 2) customizing sample titles so that the titles were popular titles that were available in the UK; and 3) illustrating the developmental nature of the Lexile Framework for Reading to UK audience. A team was assembled to develop a map that met these goals.

MetaMetrics’ International Team consulted with established education experts in the UK to best tailor the Lexile map to UK classroom needs. Todd Sandvik, Senior Vice President of Global Services, and Jackson Stenner, Manager of Global Services, helmed the initiative. Their efforts included a rigorous selection process for the new titles. Titles were identified from several popular reading lists, including, Amazon UK bestsellers and the World Book Day’s surveyBooks That Every Child Should Read by 16. Selected titles ranged from 200L for early reading books to 1600L for more advanced texts. In addition to providing over 100 popular books at various points on the Lexile scale, the UK map also displays three exemplar texts. These three exemplar texts are excerpted passages from titles measured at the 400L, 900L and 1300L reading levels.

Many schools throughout the United States utilize the print-friendly Lexile Map to post in classrooms and libraries. Teachers, librarians and students can use the UK Lexile Map as a quick reference guide for what a Lexile measure means. Once you know a student’s Lexile measure, you can use the Lexile map to get a sense of his or her reading level in terms of books he or she has encountered.


Celebrating 175 Years Of Public Education In North Carolina

On March 23rd, the North Carolina Association of School Administrators (NCASA) hosted a celebration of the 175th anniversary of the opening of North Carolina’s first public school. The event also marked the debut of a website-publication Every Child’s Chance, Every Community’s Future (www.everychildschancenc.org). Every Child’s Chance highlights the vast scope of North Carolina public schools, past and present, and celebrates their measurable and immeasurable successes. NCASA hopes we can take this time to reflect on 175 years of growth in public education and the future ahead.

MetaMetrics was proud to partner with NCASA on this project. We hosted incubation meetings, where stakeholders from diverse backgrounds in education gathered to brainstorm the best ways to celebrate North Carolina’s first public school, Williamsburg Community in Rockingham County. Together, we formulated a message that is both reflective and relevant.

Members of the MetaMetrics team also contributed research to help create a historic and timely message. At Every Child’s Chance, you can walk through an interactive timeline of public schools in North Carolina, view video messages from educators and distinguished NC public school alumni and imagine the vibrant futures made available through a quality public school system. We’d love for you to visit Every Child’s Chance and celebrate the great achievements of North Carolina’s public schools.

MetaMetrics is an educational measurement organization. Our renowned psychometric team develops scientific measures of student achievement that link assessment with targeted instruction to improve learning.