Appreciating Our Teachers

The National PTA® will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week May 6th-10th. Please take a moment out of your week and thank a teacher who’s touched your life. Here are some suggestions on how you can show your appreciation.

Here at MetaMetrics®, we would like to give special thanks because without teachers we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for all of the hard work you do and thank you for supporting our vision. Most of all, THANK YOU…

…For spreading the joy of reading, science and math

…For all of the extra hours you’ve spent mentoring students

…For all the late nights you’ve spent preparing lesson plans

…For giving kids the confidence to follow their dreams

…For teaching our youth discipline and respect

…For shaping the future leaders of the world

We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Without you, none of us would be where we are today. You represent the future and direction of our society. 

Not Just for School: Math at Home

A recent Time article profiled Laura Overdeck is a high-tech consultant that switched to a stay at home mom. She has just launched Bedtime Math a website devoted to creating a new stamp for arithmetic. Lots of people believe they are “not good at math but you don’t hear them say they are not good at reading.”  Overdeck thinks that parents should make time for math at night just as they do with reading bedtime stories.

She began by emailing about a dozen friends a word problem with varying levels of difficulty appropriate for preschoolers to upper-elementary students. Her numbers had tripled within a week and nine months later 20,000 people had signed up to receive the free daily emails.

Overdeck said that math is seen as a fun activity in her house and that kids seek out math activities, but she realizes this is not the norm. “Everyone knows they should read a book but nobody knows they should be doing math with their kids,” remarked Overdeck.  She thinks it is important to make math engaging and applicable to daily life to connect with children. She does this by involving world situations into math problems in her daily emails. There are several math sites as well as math games that show students math can be fun, so Google some math sites and start early to show your child math can be fun. And be sure to check out our own Math at Home for targeted math activities that students can do at home.  And to keep students engaged in math activity over the summer, be sure to sign up for our Summer Math Challenge.

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