Introducing the New Lexile Map!

We are proud to announce that the new Lexile® Map is available for download on Over the past months, we’ve met with     educators, parents, and state leaders from across the nation to help guide development of the new Lexile Map. The new Lexile Map underwent many changes for improved classroom and home use.

New Content, New Design

MetaMetrics revised the map with several goals in mind. These goals included 1) supporting the Lexile Framework for Reading   alignment with the Common Core, 2) incorporating greater diversity in authors and titles, 3) illustrating the developmental nature of the Lexile Framework for Reading to general audiences, and 4) enhancing the visual appeal of the map. A team was assembled to develop a map that met these goals.

Dr. Kim Bowen, from our Research & Development Department, spearheaded the effort to find new titles for the map. With the goals in mind and the feedback received from a forum with our State Education Agencies partners, Kim diligently searched the database for new titles for the map. Titles that serve as Common Core State Standards Text Exemplars were added to the map, along with titles written by multicultural authors.  Primary source documents were added, as were more award-winning texts. The team also ensured that more contemporary texts were intermingled with canonical works.

Design, language, and messaging were also all updated. We worked with a talented design team, Fisher Creative, Inc., to provide a new look and feel to the map. The design team provided the map with a comprehensive layout, an energetic and engaging color scheme, and fresh images.  We retained the vertical orientation to the scale’s developmental growth foundation.  Language regarding text types, Literary and Informational, were added to be consistent with terms used in the Common Core State Standards. Messaging was provided describing how the map works and how you can use it.

Additional Printing Options

A popular request we heard from the field was the need for an 8 ½ x 11 printing option for the map. We are happy to report that now the map is available in an 8 ½ x 11 printing format, in both full color and grayscale. We still offer the 11 x 17 printing option since many users prefer printing that size to post in the classroom. On the 11×17 version, you will notice that fewer titles and only three benchmarks appear. These changes ensure the map is inviting and more reader-friendly.

Interested in how you can use the Lexile map in the classroom and at home? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post that offers ideas and suggestions for the many ways you can use the map.

Special thanks to dapc photography for photographing the map and Lowe’s Grove for offering a classroom setting for the Lexile map photos!

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