One Box at a Time

Because many states have less tax revenue to distribute, many school system budgets have been drastically cut.  This is distressing news for anyone who cares deeply about education. However there are a few projects that have been successfully raising large amounts of money for schools dealing with declining budgets. One of those projects is “Box Tops for Education”

Box Tops for Education is a project that encourages consumers to cut the box tops from different General Mills products and collect them for local schools.  This easy system has helped make Box Top for Education the most successful school fundraiser. This year it took in over 700 million box tops and generated 74 million dollars for schools. This 74 million dollar payment is an increase from 33 million dollars in the past 5 years. While this fundraising scheme has its critics – those that fear corporate marketing being intertwined with education – they are few and far between.  And most schools are happy for the infusion of revenue.

Clearly the Box Tops for Education program is beneficial to states dealing with budget shortfalls.   It can provide the necessary resources so students can have the proper materials to learn. Organizations, companies, and charities need to look at Box Tops for Education as a model to be duplicated and learned from to create other ways to generate school funding.

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