You Can Take It With You

We’ve written before on the amazing success of Capstone Digital’s myON reader.  MyON seamlessly blends assessment and instruction for young readers in a digital environment, allowing students to receive updated Lexile measures through their reading experiences.  Based on those updated Lexile measures, students continue to be presented a wider range of targeted texts.  Not only do students receive targeted text, but they exercise choice as well.  MyON allows students to self-select topics of interest to them and students can choose from a long list of subjects.

Just last month Capstone Digital announced that this targeted reading experience now has even greater flexibility – it can now be experienced in a mobile environment:

The personalized literacy environment that provides access to the largest integrated library of digital books with multimedia supports is now available on Kindle Fire. myON reader users can securely login through and have full access to the platform using the popular Amazon tablet. This is the first of many mobile initiatives to launch from Capstone Digital in 2012.

It’s great to hear that this is just one of many mobile initiatives set for this year.  As more students have access to mobile devices, like e-readers, smart phones, tablets, and iPads, offering a wide variety of texts in multiple platforms becomes essential.  We applaud Capstone for making the reading experience so accessible for so many young readers.

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