Resources to Implement the Common Core

As this recent Education Week article, Educators in Search of Common-Core Resources, makes clear, educators are clamoring for resources aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).  Many states have already adopted these standards and are currently developing assessments tailored to them.  

Shifting from previous standards to implement the CCSSM in its intended manner is no easy task, particularly at the elementary grades.  The Common Core was developed to move our country’s mathematics curriculum away from breadth and rather, vertically articulate the curriculum from kindergarten through high school to develop depth of understanding.    Developing depth of understanding however, requires an emphasis on the connections between concepts.

The Quanitle® Framework for Mathematics has information to help educators better understand these connections and is also aligned with the CCSSM through its freely accessible website.  Using the Quantile website, and its tools, educators can find thousands of free, web-based resources aligned to the CCSSM.  

The Quantile website tools, the Math Skills Database, and the Quantile Teacher Assistant have a two-fold purpose: 1)  These tools leverage the Quantile Framework’s interconnected web of almost six hundred skills and concepts and align them with the CCSSM.  This taxonomy is also aligned to states’ previous standards, thus helping educators in their transition from one set of standards to the next; and 2)  Each of the skills and concepts delineated by the Quantile Framework is linked to freely-available web resources, providing educators with the much needed resources to implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

If you haven’t already tried it, be sure to take a look.

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