College & Career Readiness for All

Here’s a useful reminder from Dr. Joseph Wise on why it’s so important that every student graduate prepared college and career:

 Lexile reading levels of newer technical and military manuals aims at what we used to know as blue-collar jobs now consistently surpass the Lexile reading levels of typical undergraduate liberal arts textbooks.  You have a high schooler who wants to focus on vehicle mechanics or computer technology-her reading demands will be more severe than her classmate who wants to pursue political science at a college.

If you encounter a colleague who asserts, “well not all kids are meant for college” you might say, “care to be the one to decide who goes and who does not”?

Dr. Wise goes on to remind us why college and career readiness is more than just a noble goal.  It’s imperative to our country’s survival and continued competitiveness:

When in India last year speaking to a college of aspiring teachers in Hyderabad one young woman asked me why the USA is so focused on kids going to college.  My answer to her was: In India you have a record population of 1.2 billion and many suspect that if those unaccounted for were added you’d have nearly 1.6 billion.  In the USA we only have 300 million-so we must get every kid ready for the choice of college or high wage important job.  Our economy and way of life depends on it.

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