Chiefs For Change

Here’s a recent announcement worth mentioning: In case you haven’t heard, five state education leaders recently announced that they have formed a leadership group to emphasize certain education policy positions.  Chiefs for Change includes Tony Bennett (Indiana), Deborah Gist (Rhode Island), Paul Pastorek (Louisiana), Gerard Robinson (Virginia), and Eric Smith (Florida). 

The five chiefs said that even though they work on important policy issues through the Council of Chief State School Officers, they felt the need to push a subset of policies through a separate group. Pastorek said the five want to “set ourselves apart and pursue a much more aggressive path toward success.” It’s not a partisan agenda, he said, but a “cutting-edge, pushing-the-envelope way of putting children at the top of all of our decisions.” Bennett said the five have “kind of started our own union, a children’s union,” in which the interests of students trump those of adults.

Among the issues that the group will emphasize will be results-based systems of accountability, higher academic standards, and school choice.  Chiefs for Change is expected to release a draft of their policy agenda soon.  We’ll follow their progress closely as they launch their efforts.

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