Math Doesn’t Suck

If you’ve been struggling to find strategies to motivate  teens, and especially young girls, to stick with math, check out these books by Danica McKellar:

McKellar is best known for her television role as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, but she has added New York Times best-selling author to her resume with the publication of her books about math.  McKellar attended UCLA where she graduated summa cum laude in mathematics in 1998 and has made it her mission to show girls that they can succeed in math—that it is OK, and even cool to be good at math.  Through her books and her personal life as an actress and mathematician, McKellar hopes to break the stereotypes that have “trained girls from a young age to believe that math is too hard, too boring and just for boys, and that if they are smart, they can’t be popular or beautiful.” 

The real-world examples of how mathematics can be applied to various aspects of our lives helps make the math McKellar discusses relevant to teens. A few chapter titles from Math Doesn’t Suck provide a glimpse into why McKellar’s books are so appealing:

  • How Many Iced Lattes Can These Actors Drink?: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions… and Reciprocals
  • How Much Do You and Your Best Friend Have in Common?: Common Denominators… and Adding and Subtracting Fractions 
  • Sale of the Century!: Converting Percents to and from Decimals and Fractions

Her clear explanations of mathematical concepts make these books easy to understand.  Fans range from those who struggle with math to those who just want fun examples of how math concepts can be applied to various topics.

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