International Literacy Day

Literacy is not a luxury, it is a right and a responsibility.  If our world is to meet the challenges of  the twenty-first century we must harness the energy and creativity of all our citizens.”   – President Clinton on International Literacy Day, September 8th, 1994

Tomorrow is International Literacy Day, and MetaMetrics is proud to be a supporter of this noble effort to draw attention to the crippling effects of illiteracy.  Too many children and adults throughout the world are marginalized and shut out by not having basic literacy skills.  According to the United Nations:

…and some 776 million people lack minimum literacy skills, that means one in five adults are yet to literate; 75 million children did not attend school and many more attend irregularly or are drop outs. Almost 35 countries have a literacy rate of less than 50% and a population of more than 10 million people who are illiterate. 85% percent of the world’s illiterate population dwells in these countries…

Building on Dr.  Martin Luther King’s observation that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, we maintain that “illiteracy anywhere is a threat to literacy everywhere”. We live in a globally connected world in which our overall success, health, and well being is best served when everyone is literate and has complete access to education and information.  We’ve written before on organizations like Room to Read, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational materials for students around the globe.  There are dozens of similar organizations committed to ending illiteracy throughout the world.   Let’s join together with these organizations to make sure this mission becomes a reality.


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