Beat the Heat This Summer With ‘READ NC’

In the latest edition of The Fayetteville Observer , State Superintendent of Public Instruction, June Atkinson, does a great job of explaining why many students fail to read over the summer months:

Research has suggested that one reason that children do not read enough over the summer is that they have difficulty finding books at their reading level that really interest them. Studies also have shown that students’ reading abilities can actually grow over the summer when they read high-interest books that are also well-matched with their Lexile measure.

North Carolina joins a number of states, including Florida and Illinois , in using Lexile measures as an important element of their summer reading program. It’s inspiring to see how aggressive North Carolina has been in educating parents on the importance of maintaining academic focus year round. In fact, they have designed an entire campaign around encouraging parents to keep their children reading targeted, interesting materials during the academic break. Here’s Atkinson describing the campaign:

To help everyone understand how to use Lexile measures to find books that will help improve students’ reading skills, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has launched the READ NC campaign. As part of this campaign, we have designed a web page ( that features some outstanding new resources to help students search for and select books that will provide fun and challenging reading while they spend time away from the classroom…

Another valuable resource on the site is the “Find a Book ” search. This tool allows you to search online for tens of thousands of book titles by Lexile measure and topic to find books that will tap into personal interests and complement a student’s reading comprehension level.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out North Carolina’s ‘READ NC’ campaign.

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