Back to School

With three children in my family,  the weeks preceding  the return to school have always been a ‘big deal’.  This year it is even more momentous, now that my wife and I will be “empty-nesters” as our youngest heads off to college.  However, I never realized how impactful the back-to-school month of August is on a macro level.  Here are some numbers from the census department:

  • $7.2 billion – the amount of money spend at family clothing stores in August (the only month greater is December)
  • 76 million – the number of children and adults enrolled in school from nursery school to college (27% of the population)
  • 10.9 million – the number of school age children who spoke a language other than English at home (7.8 million of these speaking Spanish)
  • 19.1 million – projected number of students enrolled in the nation’s colleges and universities this fall (up from 13.8 million twenty years ago)

If you are interested, these statistics, as well as many additional data points, can be found on the Census Bureau‘s website.  Education is a big deal- a much bigger deal than most of our citizens realize.  Good luck to you as you go back to school as an educator or student.

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