Casper College & Lexile Measures

It’s always good to hear about public libraries that have made the Lexile Framework for Reading another tool in their arsenal for matching books to readers.  Here’s Betsy O’Neil , from the Natrona County Public Library, explaining the Lexile Framework:

…Well, now adults in the Casper College ABE/GED program can use it, too.

…Students receive a reader measure from a reading test, the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) assessments for adults attending the ABE/GED center..

Once you know your student’s Lexile level, how do you find books that match?  The ABE Center can help and so can your library…The website has a searchable database of thousands of books with Lexile levels.

O’Neil does a great job offering an overview of the Lexile Framework and nicely draws the connection between a student’s measure and the ability to match themselves to text at an appropriate level.  Read the whole thing.

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