The Right Book for Every Reader: Illinois Takes on Summer Reading

Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, recently stated, “Summertime reading can ensure that all children can keep learning and growing during vacation.”  We couldn’t agree more.  Research indicates that students perform considerably higher on assessments administered at the end of the school year than they do on the same assessments administered after a lengthy summer break.  This is due, in large part, to the often devastating effects of summer loss .  This loss is particularly evident in students’ reading skills, and most pronounced among students from low socioeconomic familes, where access to books may be limited.  Our own free resource, Find a Book , as well as local public libraries are two great resources for families who want to remind their children that learning can be fun and incorporated into every day – not just the school year.

Students in Illinois receive a Lexile measure from the ISAT and can use that measure to match themselves, within Find a Book, to books within their areas of interest.  And because Find a Book is linked to the WorldCat system, students can search for their selected titles at their nearest public library.

Illinois is also encouraging librarians to use Find a Book and consider ways to incorporate Lexile measures and the free online tools into their summer reading campaigns.  Many state libraries already have summer reading campaigns and incorporating Find a Book into their program is a great way to allow students to match themselves to books at the appropriate reading level and within their area of interest.

By working as a community to keep the educational spigot open during the summer months, we hope to mitigate summer reading loss for all students.  It is our hope that children graduate with the literacy skills necessary for success in school and career.  Click here to learn more about the notable Illinois summer reading program.

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