Oklahoma Combats Summer Learning Loss

The Oklahoma Department of Education deserves special mention for their efforts to combat summer learning loss.  And here is our own Dr. Malbert Smith making an appearance on the Oklahoma State Department’s of Education monthly television program, Oklahoma’s Education Report Card with Superintendent Garrett and speaking with Superintendent Garrett on ways to help teachers and parents connect students with resources across content areas .  The program is worth a look – even for those outside the state of Oklahoma.  In it, Dr. Smith offers a clear explanation on the dangers of summer loss and argues for a robust summer reading program as a way to mitigate the unfortunate learning loss that occurs during the summer months.  As Smith points out, the Lexile Find a Book site is a great way to both match readers to texts at the appropriate reading level and to match kids to books within their areas of interest.  It’s exciting to see Oklahoma take such direct efforts to ensure that, as Dr. Smith remarks, the educational spigot remains open during the crucial summer months.

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