World Book Web Articles – Now with Lexile Measures

On April 23rd, World Book announced that it will be providing Lexile measures for their suite of Web services designed for students across the board – from preschoolers through 12th grade – in World Book Student, World Book Discover, World Book Kids, and The Early World of Learning.

By providing Lexile measures, World Book is ensuring that educators can select level-appropriate reading materials for students.  The Lexile measures align well with World Book’s reputation for – in Vice President of Digital Products, Patti Ginnis’ words – “providing clear, understandable, and usable information written at the appropriate level.”

Additionally, World Book article content is now linked to curriculum standards and benchmarks for all U.S. states and Canadian provinces.  This provides educators an enhanced user experience with World Book, supplementing classroom coverage of important curricular topics with relevant and appealing media and interactive tools, games, and content. Outvisirire .

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