What’s New in Tennessee?

Tennessee students will soon have the benefit of receiving Lexile measures through the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) and the EOC English II Exam.  And Warren County is wasting no time in getting the word out to the teachers and staff.  In the April edition of Warren County’s Teacher Links , Dianna Zadeh does a great job of capturing the essential benefits of the Lexile Framework for Reading:

The Lexile Framework for Reading is a reading metric that measures BOTH the student’s reading level/ability and text difficulty on the same scale.  This means that a teacher, parent, or librarian can now match a student to the appropriate reading materials…immediate differentiation.

Zadeh does a nice job of explaining the way that Lexile measures may be used to match students to text, but goes a step further and is quick to dispel a common misconception about the Lexile Framework:

Best of all, the Lexile Framework adds value to state or classroom assessments – adding more information, not more testing time.  It is not another test or a reading intervention program.  Lexile measures provide a thermometer for measuring students’ reading abilities that talented educators, involved parents, and motivated students use to improve learning.

We couldn’t have said it any better.

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