An End of Summer Reading Boost

As you’re gearing up for the school year, you may need an end-of-summer reading boost to jump start your child’s reading activities.  And if you’re a teacher, you may need some beginning-of-year readings to jump start the school year.  In either case, Summer Reads are a terrific option for students entering 3rd, 4th, or 5thgrades.  Developed by Dr. Freddy Hiebert, Summer Reads selections and activities incorporate solid research on what works to develop reading skills and presents it in fun, engaging material.

Summer Reads offers short, nonfiction readings on interesting summertime topics and are FREE to download.  Each piece includes a brief letter to the student explaining how to do the reading activities.  At the end of each selection, Hiebert includes a chart where the student can rate his/her reading and thinking.  The chart will help students step through the full reading activity and will also help them become more aware of their own reading process and skills.  Each Summer Reads selection also includes several short comprehension questions that students are instructed to answer independently.  The answers can be found at the TExT project web site.   As an added bonus for struggling readers, an audio version of the selection is available for free download.    Be sure to check out Summer Reads!

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