Wall Street Journal Launches Book Review Section

Over the last few years, you may have noticed that the book review/publishing section of your favorite national newspaper has withered considerably, if not disappeared altogether.  Well good news for book lovers: The Wall Street Journal has launched a new pull-out book section.  The WSJ has never previously offered a publishing section, and it is already being compared to the book section of The New York Times.

This new publishing section is likely to continue as a work in progress, but as The New York observer reports:

The book review will be a pull-out section that will be inserted in one of the newly created sections for The Weekend Journal that will launch later this month. It is unclear how many pages will be dedicated to the new book review, but one source said it will be “significant,” though it’s uncertain if that means it will surpass The Times‘ usual 20-plus pages for its weekly Sunday Book Review, or if it will be in the same ballpark.

 Tough times for print media have already forced many major papers like The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and L.A. Times to eliminate or scale down their book review/publishing section.  That’s why it’s so good to see a major print outlet fight the trend by offering a section dedicated to the world of publishing and books.  Check out the online version here.

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