A Date with Destiny: Reading Targeted Text

Here’s yet another specific way that schools around the U.S. are putting the Lexile Framework for Reading to use.  This school in Wisconsin, for example, has updated their library system with Destiny,  a system that allows students to search for books by their Lexile reading level:

Destiny allows kids to search for books at their lexile reading level. Students find their lexile level through the Measures of Academic Progress tests, which were administered for the first time at SCC last year. Teachers assign students to read books at their level.

All three buildings’ libraries are connected to the system. That way, a middle-schooler reading at an advanced level can search the high school’s catalog to find something in his or her lexile level. The books are sent through the intra-school mail.

The Lexile Framework provides an actionable measure to match students to targeted text, and it’s good to hear about schools utilizing the Lexile measures they obtain through assessments to keep students reading year-round.  St Croix Central School District provides just one more example of ways the measure may be used to improve the reading ability of students across a district.

MetaMetrics is an educational measurement organization. Our renowned psychometric team develops scientific measures of student achievement that link assessment with targeted instruction to improve learning.