Math Prize for Girls

Congratulations to Victoria Xia for winning the Math Prize for Girls at M.I.T.  Xia, a 15 years old high school sophomore, won first place and a $25,000 prize for taking first place.  The contest was sponsored by Advantage Testing Foundation and consisted of 20 challenging math problems to be solved in 150 minutes. Xia has won previous math distinctions such as helping the US team win a gold medal at the 2011  Girls Mathematical Olympiad and also a honorable mention at last years Math Prize for Girls contest.  Kudos to Victoria!

It’s refreshing to see students take a deliberate and focused interest in mathematics.  With the recent focus on STEM education, along with increased demand for math and engineering majors in the workplace, it’s good to see U.S. students committed to high level math.  Our own contribution to improving student math achievement is the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, which allows teachers to differentiate math instruction for struggling students.  Plus, tools like Math at Home allow students to engage with targeted math resources all year long.

MetaMetrics is an educational measurement organization. Our renowned psychometric team develops scientific measures of student achievement that link assessment with targeted instruction to improve learning.