Preventing ‘Summer Slippage’

Back in March we offered a nod to Hasbrouck Heights High School for collaborating with the local public library to sponsor The Big Read – an initiative designed to get students reading more outside the classroom.  And that includes the summer.  As this story makes clear, Hasbrouck Heights is drawing attention to the importance of reading over the summer months:

Dr. Mark Porto, superintendent of schools, explained that kids’ reading skills have been known to weaken, something some educators have called “summer slippage,” due to not reading regularly which can easily happen over the summer months. When students return to school in September it can take time for them to get back on track. 

Summer reading can prevent this, he told the audience, and the schools, along with the district’s three school media specialists, have been working with the borough library, coming together as a community to encourage reading in youngsters and even adults.

Porto invited the media specialists who head the libraries at the three district schools to the forum to speak on behalf of the program and reading in the district. Joan Weir, media specialist at Euclid School reflected on the success of the SRI program which gives each student a Lexile score, which is not a grade, but a determined comfortable reading level for which the student can select reading choices.

“I have never seen so many children with a book in their hands,” she commented adding that the children have really been encouraged by the program.

That’s good to hear. Hasbrouck Heights should be commended – again – for their efforts to keep students reading all year long.

The Big Read

Hats off to Hasbrouck Heights High School and the Hasbrouck Heights public library for sponsoring The Big Read:

The Big Read as it’s called is being launched by the high school and supported by the Hasbrouck Heights Public Library. It’s designed to bring high school students, parents, teachers and community members together to read and discuss a good book. There are contests for the students to participate in as well in order to win a brand new Barnes and Nobles Nook e-reader.

As this article makes clear, The Big Read is just one of many initiatives the district has undertaken to get students reading more, including using student Lexile measures from Scholastic Reading Inventoryto track student reading growth over time.  Congratulations, Hasbrouck Heights, and good luck!

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