Good Reads

Much has been written on the growing influence of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.  These sites have proven to be extremely popular, with sites like Facebook garnering large percentages of all online traffic.  Some have worried about the long-term impact of these social networking sites.  With so much time spent monitoring and updating social networks, what will happen to the amount of time devoted to reading?  With online time devouring increasingly larger chunks of free time – time that presumably could be spent on other tasks – it’s easy to imagine a negative impact on more productive tasks like reading and writing.

But not all sites detract from time spent reading.  Thankfully, there are some social networking sites available that actually emphasize reading.  Sites like GoodReads, for instance, allow users to create a profile, build a ‘library’ of books that they have read, would like to read, or are currently reading.  GoodReads allows users to then connect with other friends – readers who share the same taste in books – and develop book lists and recommendations based on the network they have built.  Users can go on to post reviews, add commentary, join a reading group, and even engage in an online book club.  Over time GoodReads begins to suggest titles based on a user’s preferences. 

If you’re looking for a social networking site that emphasizes reading, be sure to check it out

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