Solving the Creativity Crisis

Creativity is typically defined as something like ‘the production of something original and useful’.  This recent article, however, warns that the United States is, for the first time, experiencing a creativity crisis.  Worries about the crisis have prompted some to worry about the far-reaching consequences of a sustained decline:

If American creativity continues to decline, there will be a domino effect in the U.S.: innovation and entrepreneurship will decline, new jobs will not be created, unemployment will rise, the debt will spiral out of control, Gross Domestic Product will decline, and military capability will be weakened by a reduced budget. 

The U.S. has rapidly moved up the value chain transforming from an industrial-based economy to a knowledge-based economy to an innovation-based economy.  Consequently, many U.S. factory jobs and back-office jobs have moved overseas, and creativity is the last skill Americans have to offer the global marketplace. (more…)

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