Mobile App “Reading Leveler” Offers Lexile Measures

Dillinger LLC has partnered with MetaMetrics® to launch “Reading Leveler”, a mobile app for the iPhone and iPad.  “Reading Leveler” assists educators, parents, and students in identifying appropriate grade level material.  The mobile application can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and consists of the following options:

  • Match your child, your student or yourself to books based on reading ability (Lexile® measure) and personal interests
  • Search for books by title, author’s last name, Lexile measure, or equivalent grade level
  • Browse through the entire Lexile titles database
  • View a title’s summary of information
  • Have quick access to Amazon and Barnes and Noble to purchase books
  • Calculate approximate Flesch-Kincaid Grade Levels for any piece of text (Type or speak a paragraph of text utilizing the iPhone’s SIRI function)
  • Search through a database of various book, articles, and texts leveled by other users

The Reading Leveler serves to help on two fronts: allow access to all of the titles that have a Lexile Measure and develop your own database of individual leveled pieces of text. The power of “Reading Leveler” connects readers with texts based on their personal interests and their reading ability (Lexile measure) to improve reading skills. The mobile application enables students, teachers, librarians and parents to find books within a reader’s recommended Lexile range: 100L below to 50L above his or her Lexile measure.

Be sure to check it out.

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