Beta Version of Free ‘Find a Book’ Mobile App Now Available

Today MetaMetrics launched “Find a Book” Mobile Beta.  Available in the Android marketplace, we wish to subject our app to a round of testing by the users we designed it for….you! You can download “Find a Book” Mobile Beta at:

The mobile app has the same popular features as the “Find a Book” website. Upon downloading the app, Android users can:

  • Match yourself, your child, or student to the books of best fit based on reading ability (Lexile measure) and personal interests
  • Allow a user without a Lexile measure to search for books by estimating his or her Lexile measure based on comfort with grade-level materials
  • Search for books using a quick keyword search
  • Browse through the entire Lexile titles database
  • View a book detail page containing bibliographical and summary information for every title
  • Check the availability of books in your local, public library by accessing OCLC’s database of more than 125,000 titles in WorldCat
  • Map directions to the closet library with your book selection(s)
  • Buy your book selection(s) with a Barnes & Noble® quick link
  • Log in with your Lexile account
  • Store books for offline viewing

The power of “Find a Book” connects readers with texts based on their personal interests and their reading ability (Lexile measure) to improve reading skills. “Find a Book” enables students, teachers, librarians and parents to find books within a reader’s recommended Lexile range: 100L below to 50L above his or her Lexile measure. Reading books within this optimal Lexile range will challenge the individual’s reading ability, while still maintaining interest and learning. Now available on-the-go, readers of all ages can connect with the books of best fit by downloading “Find a Book” Mobile Beta!

  • ajarmeh73

    Any updates on your new Lexile Books API, I just found this blog, which is 7 months old, so hopefully you got something to share with us on how you are progressing toward the work on this API

  • metametrics

    We are about to release a new Lexile Books API. This will allow app developers and others to get Lexile measures from our online database. Rather than building apps ourselves, the strategy is to make it easy for app developers to include our data in their most innovative offerings. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  • Sbteachk

    PLEASE please make an app for apple that has a barcode scanner! I have searched and all the apps out there are at fault for not having your database. This is a huge need for teachers to level and keep track of classroom libraries. The trend of extensive libraries is spreading and leveling by hand is too time consuming. We will pay good money!

  • metametrics

    We have not been working on an app for you istuff fans, but we have been very focused on responsive design on our web sites. There is an exciting update coming soon to which I’m sure FAB users will just love. Anyone who uses a mobile device of any kind will find the new responsive design to be a huge improvement.

  • au_1932y

    How can I find Lexile measure for the book, “Nate the Great and the Big Sniff”?

  • Tara Crewe

    I am looking for an app I can use while IN a library or bookstore.  I would like it to have a barcode scanner that would immediately display the scanned book’s Lexile level.  I have Book Retriever ($0.99) on my iPhone that does exactly that, but the database is miniscule.  Please consider adding this functionality to your app or developing a second app.  I would love to be able to access the books’ levels when I take my students to the Media Center.  This would also be an invaluable tool for leveling all the books in my personal collection–typing in the titles of all my hundreds of books is entirely too time consuming!  Thanks for considering it!

  • Jane

    How long do you feel it wll take for your Ap for iphone/ipad to be ready?

  • Ryan Leathers

    There are some 3rd party iPhone/iPad apps in the market which use our licensed Lexile titles database.  I can’t really endorse them, but I am happy to mention the ones I am aware of in case it is useful to do so.
    Book Retriever by Classroom Library Company Inc

    Reading Leveler by Dillinger LLC

    There may be more…

  • Nicole Settanni

    What about for iPad??


    Any news on an app for Apple? This would be a great tool for my kids as they get frustrated trying to find a book in their level.

  • Ryan Leathers

    We are not currently working on a FAB app for Apple products, but it is something we are interested in doing.

  • Eric

    When will you have an app for iPhone/iPad?