Texas Educators Are Tuning into iTunes

Thanks to a new iTunes channel, technology in the classroom has a whole new meaning for those in Texas. Many of us are familiar with Apple’s iTunes – our source for downloading our favorite music, movies and podcasts. Now, according to Education Week’s Ian Quillen, Texas is using this popular software to enhance teacher collaboration and make lessons available to students directly from iTunes.

 As Quillen explains, Texas has launched a new online program that provides free, supplementary coursework to students through the Texas Education iTunes U channel. The iTunes U channel allows teachers to upload material from their classes in order to help students assimilate new concepts or research specific subject areas.  It also allows a greater professional development experience, as teachers across the state can share materials, course information, and best practices freely and conveniently.

 Over 146,000 teachers have signed up and have formed 5,000 subject groups. While most iTunes content comes from postsecondary institutions, Texas’s Governor Perry believes the content pushed into the K-12-geared Texas Education channel will be “substantive and sizable.”

 This is all part of Project Share Texas, a collaborative effort of the Texas Education Association, The New York Times and the Public Broadcasting Service. This all follows the 2008 introduction of the K-12 iTunes U channel which uses resources from state education agencies such as Arizona, Main, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Utah. 

 Congratulations to Texas for taking full advantage of this valuable service.

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