Education Evolves: Technology Transforms the Classroom

It goes without saying that the Internet has exerted a tremendous influence on today’s classrooms.  Even the way students receive their curriculum, for example, has undergone significant transformation. Here’s Harold Pollard discussing the alternative styles of teaching and learning his children encounter on a daily basis:

The way he is learning math is a lot different than the way I did. It’s interactive, entertaining, and it’s a competition. The course is online, available whenever and wherever, and it allows him to compete with his classmates, his schoolmates, and other schools nationwide.

Here at MetaMetrics®we’re making use of technology and working to provide teachers and parents with useful, interactive tools that help support instruction.  Lexile Find a Book, for example, allows educators and students to select books at their current Lexile reading level, and to further refine their results based on their areas of interest.  This online tool allows parents and students to create customized reading lists year round.  Find a Book then allows parents and educators to cross reference these customized reading lists with public library catalogs – making reading material available across all socio-economic levels.  Pollard, in fact, references his own use of the Find a Book site. He uses this tool to find reading material suitable and challenging for his sons:

The boys are also able to determine books based on their reading levels. Their teachers know the boys’ reading levels based on assessment tests administered online at school. Then, using an online guide at the Lexile Framework for Reading at, their teachers can recommend books for the boys based on that. Additionally, this same online guide allows my wife and me to determine whether certain titles are appropriate for the boys’ reading levels.

Pollard, like many parents these days, see the value and opportunity present in this increasingly digital age.  Our students have more access to information than ever before. To read more about the work MetaMetrics® is doing to be a part of this evolution, visit us at and

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