A Common Standard, A Common Scale

Scholastic’s Jennifer Chintala shares her insight that the Common Core State Standards offer educators a sense of uniformity across states’ curricular expectations in both English and mathematics.  Chintala argues that as families move across state lines, educators will find a strong degree of continuity between the curriculum standards of each state.

That’s welcome news.  Correspondence to a shared set of curriculum standards ensures that educators are able to compare student performance across state lines, as well as assess which students are on track for college and career readiness – and which are not.  A common scale is an important tool for analyzing student performance and matching students to targeted resources.  As Appendix A of the Common Cores Standards in English Language Arts makes clear, the Lexile Framework provides an excellent way of determining the complexity of the quantitative dimensions of a text.  By accessing Lexile measures for both students and resources, educators are better able to match students to appropriate levels of reading material.  More than just a measure of growth, the Lexile measure provides classroom teachers something actionable: a way to get targeted materials in the hands of young readers.

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