Guest Post: Carla Wilson and Educator Appreciation Week

We intend this blog to be an open discussion, an open forum for educators, partners, parents, publishers, technologists, and others to participate in an ongoing discussion on the Lexile Framework , education news, and technology.  In that spirit, we will, on occasion, add guest posts from our partners and educators around the globe. This is the first such post.

MetaMetrics hosted a recent series of events at select Barnes & Noble stores around the country to discuss the Lexile Framework for Reading.  Carla Wilson is the Community Relations Manager at a Barnes & Noble Bookseller in Norcross, Georgia and was kind enough to offer the following thoughts:

“My job as Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble allows me to wear numerous hats on a daily basis.  On any given day, I can be found in elementary school classrooms reading a story to students, sitting in a school council meeting, judging as essay contest at a local high school, hosting a school book fair, hosting a mock interview with a high school student in preparation for real world opportunities, hosting an author signing, or serving as an event coordinator at a literary festival – the list goes on and on.  This is what makes my position so exciting, and sometimes a little challenging.  Any tool that improves my efficiency as part of my day to day interaction with customers – be they principals, teachers, media specialists, parents, board members, non-profits, etc… – is welcome.

When I learned that Barnes & Noble would be partnering with MetaMetrics Inc. to provide Lexile measures on many available titles, I knew instantly that this would be powerful tool for my customers.  Parents are often enthusiastic about promoting literacy with their own children, however, they often struggle to find the right titles, the books that will both challenge and encourage their young readers.  I have always wanted to recommend just the right book, a title that challenges, but also motivates children to want to read more and allows them to retain more of what they’ve read; but I’ve often felt helpless without the right tool for selecting the ‘just right’ book.

Recently, along with MetaMetrics, I hosted a Lexile seminar for local educators as part of our Educator Appreciation Week.  I’ve always heard, “Build it and they will come.”, and so I crossed my fingers that educators would attend.  And they did.  Since the event I’ve already heard back from several of those in attendance who found the event both fun and informative.  Best of all, I now feel that I have a tool for making recommendations to parents who are at a loss on which titles are best matched to their child, and to teachers who are looking for books that will challenge their students and push them to the next reading level.

Personally, I was a late bloomer when it came to reading.  My home was always full of books, but there was always something else I’d rather be doing.  It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I learned the power of reading.  I learned that by simply picking up a new book I could meet a new friend, visit far away places, learn about strange new experiences, and learn how to do all sorts of things.  Reading is now my passion and it brings me such joy to share my passion with others and watch them light up as they discover the power of reading and all that a great book can bring them.”

Thanks, Carla.  We couldn’t have said it any better.

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